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Neos plugin for a simple blog. Beware of changes!
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Neos CMS Blog Plugin

This plugin provides a node-based plugin for Neos websites.

Note: Although this package is in use (for example on it is not a full-fledged blogging solution.

Quick start

  • Include the Plugin's route definitions to your Routes.yaml file, just like
  name: 'RobertLemkeBlogPlugin'
  uriPattern: '<RobertLemkeBlogPluginSubroutes>'
      package: RobertLemke.Plugin.Blog
  • add the plugin content element "Blog Post Overview" to the position of your choice.

Comment notifications

As soon as the setting is configured and neos/swiftmailer is installed, a notification will be sent whenever a comment is submitted.

Akismet spam checking

If you configure the Akismet package comments will be checked for being spam and marked as such.

RSS feed

  • add a page to serve the feed below your posts container node, it can be empty and should be hidden in menus

  • add this to your TS (configuration shows default values):

xml = RobertLemke.Plugin.Blog:Feed {
  feedTitle = 'The Neos Blog'
  feedDescription = 'A great, new - yet unconfigured - blog powered by Neos'
  feedUri = ''
  includeContent = ${false}

Now when you visit the "feed node" and use xml instead of html in the URL, you should see an XML feed os the blog.

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