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Send DHT11 sensor data to the IOTA Tangle using MAM and Raspberry Pi 3
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Send DHT11 sensor data to the IOTA Tangle using MAM and Raspberry Pi 3

This is a tutorial how to send DHT11 sensor data using Raspberry Pi 3 to IOTA Tangle using Masked Authenticated Messaging (MAM).


All hardware requirements and how the Raspberry Pi is prepared is explained at:

alt text


The project consists of 4 main files and should be executed on the Raspberry Pi.

  • mam_publish.js: Publishes randomly generated numbers to the Tangle using MAM.
  • mam_receive.js: Extract the stored data from the Tangle using MAM and display the data.
  • sensor.js: The DHT11 sensor data (temperature and humidity) is read and displayed.
  • mam_sensor.js: The DHT11 sensor data is read and published to the Tangle using MAM.


npm install


How to use the scripts see:

or watch this YouTube video:

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