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Using graph algorithms to find arbitrage opportunities
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This is the supporting code for my post on using graph theory to discover arbitrage opportunities in a cryptocurrency market.

Getting started

To run it, first sign up to CryptoCompare to get a free API key. Then, you can either replace it after the equals sign at the top of, or create a new text file named API_KEY.txt and paste it there directly.

Then, install dependencies with:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Lastly, run the code:



  • downloads the raw data, creating pairs_list.json, binance_data/ and snapshot.csv.
  • processes this data and puts it into a graph, before running Bellman-Ford to find arbitrage opportunities.

Your turn

Here's a brief list of a few ways that you could extend this project. Some are trivial, some are not!

  • Model transaction fees. This is literally one line of code, multiplying the arbitrage value by e.g 0.999 for each element in the path.
  • Download data from more exchanges. operates completely independently of the data collection, it just needs an adjacency matrix.
  • Automatically run the code at fixed intervals to continuously look for arbitrage.
  • Modify the Bellman-Ford so that it doesn't have to recompute everything when some weights change.
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