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# This expects a few things
# - pt for searching (
# - ctags for well tags (
# - gocode for code completion (
# - goimports for code formatting on save (
# - gogetdoc for documentation display and source jump (
# - jq for json deserializaton, required by gogetdoc
eval %sh{
for tool in ag pt rg; do
if command -V "$tool" >/dev/null 2>/dev/null; then
printf "set global grepcmd '%s --column'\n" "$tool"
set global ui_options ncurses_assistant=none ncurses_enable_mouse=true ncurses_set_title=false ncurses_wheel_down_button=0
set global indentwidth 4
set global scrolloff 5,5
set-face global MarkFace1 rgb:000000,rgb:00FF4D
set-face global MarkFace2 rgb:000000,rgb:F9D3FA
set-face global MarkFace3 rgb:000000,rgb:A3B3FF
set-face global MarkFace4 rgb:000000,rgb:BAF2C0
set-face global MarkFace5 rgb:000000,rgb:FBAEB2
set-face global MarkFace6 rgb:000000,rgb:FBFF00
add-highlighter global/ dynregex '%reg{/}' 0:+u
add-highlighter global/ number-lines -hlcursor
add-highlighter global/ show-matching
addhl global/ regex 'TODO|FIXME|XXX|NOTE' 0:+rb
addhl global/ show-whitespaces -spc ' '
hook global BufOpenFile .* %{
hook global BufOpenFile .*\.cql$ %{
set buffer filetype sql
set buffer commentline --
hook global BufNewFile .* %{
hook global InsertCompletionShow .* %{
map window insert <tab> <c-n>
map window insert <s-tab> <c-p>
hook global InsertCompletionHide .* %{
unmap window insert <tab> <c-n>
unmap window insert <s-tab> <c-p>
hook global WinSetOption filetype=sql %{
map window user o %{: grep TODO|FIXME|XXX|NOTE|^INSERT|^UPDATE|^DELETE|^CREATE|^DROP' %val{bufname} -H -i<ret>} -docstring "Show outline"
hook global WinSetOption filetype=typescript %{
map window user o %{:grep TODO|FIXME|XXX|NOTE|^function|^const|^class|^interface|^import|^type %val{bufname} -H<ret>} -docstring "Show outline"
set window formatcmd 'tsfmt'
set window lintcmd 'tslint'
map window user d <esc>:lsp-definition<ret> -docstring "Jump to definition"
map window goto r <esc>:lsp-references<ret> -docstring "references to symbol under cursor"
map window user k <esc>:lsp-document-symbol<ret> -docstring "Show documentation"
map window user h <esc>:lsp-hover<ret> -docstring "Show documentation"
hook global WinSetOption filetype=go %{
set window indentwidth 0 # 0 means real tab
set window formatcmd 'goimports'
set window lintcmd 'gometalinter .'
set window makecmd 'go build .'
map window user o %{:grep TODO|FIXME|XXX|NOTE|^func|^import|^var|^package|^const|^goto|^struct|^type %val{bufname} -H<ret>} -docstring "Show outline"
add-highlighter window/ regex 'if err != .*?\{.*?\}' 0:comment
map window user d <esc>:lsp-definition<ret> -docstring "Jump to definition"
map window goto r <esc>:lsp-references<ret> -docstring "references to symbol under cursor"
map window user k <esc>:lsp-document-symbol<ret> -docstring "Show documentation"
map window user h <esc>:lsp-hover<ret> -docstring "Show documentation"
hook global BufWritePost .*\.go$ %{
go-format -use-goimports
hook global BufWritePre .* %{ evaluate-commands %sh{
container=$(dirname "$kak_hook_param")
test -d "$container" ||
mkdir --parents "$container"
def nnn -params .. -file-completion %(connect nnn %arg(@)) -docstring "Open with nnn"
def findit -params 1 -shell-script-candidates %{ pt --nogroup --nocolor --column -g "" } %{ edit %arg{1} } -docstring "Uses pt to find file"
def git-edit -params 1 -shell-script-candidates %{ git ls-files } %{ edit %arg{1} } -docstring "Uses git ls-files to find files"
def mkdir %{ nop %sh{ mkdir -p $(dirname $kak_buffile) } } -docstring "Creates the directory up to this file"
def delete-buffers-matching -params 1 %{ evaluate-commands -buffer * %{ evaluate-commands %sh{ case "$kak_buffile" in $1) echo "delete-buffer" esac } } }
def toggle-highlighter -params .. -docstring 'toggle-highlighter <argument>…: toggle an highlighter' %{
try %{
addhl window/%arg{@} %arg{@}
echo -markup {green} %arg{@}
} catch %{
rmhl window/%arg{@}
echo -markup {red} %arg{@}
def ide %{
rename-client main
set global jumpclient main
new rename-client tools
set global toolsclient tools
new rename-client docs
set global docsclient docs
alias global bd delete-buffer
alias global colo colorscheme
alias global color colorscheme
alias global f findit
alias global ge git-edit
alias global qa quit
alias global qa! quit!
alias global wqa write-all-quit
alias global wqa! write-all-quit
alias global wq write-quit
alias global wq! write-quit!
map global normal -docstring "Quick find" -- - %{: findit <tab>}
map global normal <down> %{: grep-next-match<ret>} -docstring "Next grep match"
map global normal <left> %{: buffer-previous<ret>} -docstring "Prev buffer"
map global normal <right> %{: buffer-next<ret>} -docstring "Next buffer"
map global normal <up> %{: grep-previous-match<ret>} -docstring "Prev grep match"
map global normal <a-I> ': enter-user-mode split-object<ret>'
map global object h 'c<gt>,<lt><ret>' -docstring "select in the (h)tml angle brackets"
map global object b 'c\s,\s<ret>' -docstring "select (b)etween whitespace"
map global user <a-w> ':toggle-highlighter wrap -word<ret>' -docstring "toggle wordwrap"
map global user c %{: comment-line<ret>} -docstring "Comment or uncomment selected lines"
map global user M %{: mark-clear<ret>} -docstring "Remove word marking"
map global user m %{: mark-word<ret>} -docstring "Mark word with highlight"
map global user r %{<esc>,R<up><ret>} -docstring "Rerun last command set with R"
map global user R %{: prompt %{Run:} %{echo %sh{tmux send-keys -t +1 "$kak_text" Enter }}<ret>} -docstring "Run command in next tmux window"
map global user l %{: grep '' %val{bufname} -H<left><left><left><left><left><left><left><left><left><left><left><left><left><left><left><left><left><left>} -docstring "Local grep"
map global user g %{<A-i>w"gy<esc>: grep <C-r>g<ret>: try %{delete-buffer *grep*:<C-r>g}<ret> : try %{rename-buffer *grep*:<C-r>g}<ret> : try %{mark-pattern set <C-r>g}<ret>} -docstring "Grep for word under cursor, persist results"
map global user e %{: expand<ret>} -docstring "Expand selection"
map global user S %{: enter-user-mode split-object<ret>} -docstring "Split by object"
map global user b %{: tmux-terminal-window tig blame -- %val{buffile}<ret>} -docstring "Blame for current file"
map global user s %{: tmux-terminal-window tig status<ret>} -docstring "Git status (for committing)"
map global user n %{: nnn .<ret>} -docstring "Run nnn file browser"
colorscheme nofrils-acme
eval %sh{kak-lsp --kakoune -s $kak_session}
try %{ source ~/.kakrc.local } # system local
try %{ source .kakrc.local } # project local
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