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This is an extremely minimalist vim colorscheme (almost no syntax highlighting).

To use:

  • :colo nofrils-dark
  • :colo nofrils-light
  • :colo nofrils-sepia
  • :colo nofrils-acme

To customize:

  • :let g:nofrils_strbackgrounds=1 to turn highlighted string backgrounds, for languages where strings are a major part of them
  • :let g:nofrils_heavycomments=1 to turn on high contrast comments rather than the default faded style, for projects where the comments are not deceit and lies
  • :let g:nofrils_heavylinenumbers=1 to turn on brighter line numbers, for people who use relative line numbers to hop around

Commands (once theme is loaded):

  • :NofrilsDark use dark theme
  • :NofrilsLight use light theme
  • :NofrilsSepia use sepia theme
  • :NofrilsAcme use acme theme
  • :NofrilsFocusNormal reset back to normal settings
  • :NofrilsFocusCode focus only code, fade everything else
  • :NofrilsFocusComments focus only comments, fade everything else

The only highlighted elements are spelling, errors, comments, vim features (diff, etc) and optionally string backgrounds

Click for non-fuzzified versions

nofrils-dark: :let g:nofrils_heavylinenumbers=1, :let g:nofrils_strbackgrounds=1 and :let g:nofrils_heavycomments=1 Dark Version

nofrils-acme: :let g:nofrils_heavylinenumbers=0, :let g:nofrils_strbackgrounds=0 and :let g:nofrils_heavycomments=0 Acme Version

nofrils-sepia: :let g:nofrils_heavylinenumbers=1, :let g:nofrils_strbackgrounds=0 and :let g:nofrils_heavycomments=1 Sepia Version

nofrils-light: :let g:nofrils_heavylinenumbers=0, :let g:nofrils_strbackgrounds=0 and :let g:nofrils_heavycomments=1 Light Version

nofrils-acme: :let g:nofrils_heavylinenumbers=0, :let g:nofrils_strbackgrounds=0 and :let g:nofrils_heavycomments=0 Diffs Arcme Version

Why did you even create this thing?