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SVNSlackNotifier is a lightweight, dependency-free .NET console app to send VisualSVN Server commit notifications to Slack.

VisualSVN Slack Notification


  • .NET Framework 4.5+ (uses HttpClient)
  • If using the -url parameter, it currently expects the new HTML5 browser in VisualSVN Server 3.2.0+


  1. If you haven't already, add a new "Incoming WebHooks" integration in your Slack account.
  2. Copy the .exe and .config files from the latest Release into a folder of your choosing that is accessible from your svn server.
  3. Edit the .config file and replace the appSettings key SlackWebhookURL with the Webhook URL found in your Slack integration setup.

Usage (VisualSVN Server)

To let SVNSlackNotifier know about commits, we need to edit the post-commit hook in your svn repo. For each repository you'd like notifying to Slack...

  1. Open VisualSVN Server Manager and right-click on the repository. Click Properties in the context menu.
  2. On the "Hooks" tab, highlight the "Post-commit hook" option and click "Edit".
  3. In the field, enter the path to your SVNSlackNotifier.exe executable along with any parameters (see below) you would like. Parameters -path and -rev are required. The more parameters you provide, the better the output into Slack. An example might look like:
"C:\SVNSlackNotifier\SVNSlackNotifier.exe" -path=%1 -rev=%2 -name=TestRepo -url=http://scswinvm:8080/svn/TestRepo


  • -path (required) - The physical path to the repository. This is provided by the post-commit hook as %1.
  • -rev (required) - The revision number of the commit. This is provided by the post-commit hook as %2.
  • -name (optional) - The name of the repository. If provided, the repo name will appear in the Slack notification.
  • -url (optional) - The URL of the repository. If provided, the revision number will be linked to the commit page.
  • -channel (optional) - The Slack channel in which to post the notification. If provided, this will override the choice in your Slack integration setup and post to this channel instead. Format must be #channelname (for channel) or @username (for a DM).


  • A log file SVNSlackNotifier.log will be written to the executable's folder if any errors occur. Check there first to see what's up.
  • Ensure you have replaced the app setting SlackWebhookURL in the .config file with your actual URL given by Slack when you setup your integration.
  • Ensure that the .config file's app setting svnlookPath is correct for your installation. The app uses svnlook to lookup more details about the commit such as the author name and commit message.


  • Thanks to the guys at VisualSVN for permission to use their logo for this little integration.




A simple app to send VisualSVN Server commit notifications to Slack




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