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Software to control the Dragonfly Telephoto Array (c) 2014 R. Abraham and P. van Dokkum

We strongly recommend that before you try to use this software for anything non-trivial you contact either Bob Abraham or Pieter van Dokkum for an explanation of how stuff works, lest you go insane. Also, do check out the Abraham & van Dokkum 2014 PASP paper which provides some background. You will find that documentation for the Dragonfly software is pretty sparse, but all of the really important scripts have quite comprehensive on-line help (for the perl scripts use the --man or --help options to see this).

Certain bits of the code in this repo have been sanitized in order to maintain the security of the New Mexico Skies observatory. The main thing we have done is remove all the hard-coded static IP addresses from the scripts. The places where we have done this will be obvious in the code, since IP addresses have been replaced by a series of "X" characters, e.g. XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX. You will need to replace these with the static IP addresses of the various things on your network. We also have omitted a number of scripts which control the power on the peripherals, and which access the various environmental sensors and all-sky cameras in the observatory.