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A simple surviving game on MSX2 BASIC inspired by the Qix animation.
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QixBAS is a surving game in which you control the direction of Qix:

  • 'A' key to turn it counter-clockwise.
  • 'S' key to turn it clockwise.

It loses a bar whenever it collides with the edge of the screen.

It was developed on MSX2 emu on


  1. select machine: MSX2++
  2. ALT-B
  3. paste source code (Qix.bas)
  4. RUN

Commented Source Code:

10 A =RND(TIME)*3.14:R=10:S=10:X=50:Y=50:L=10:U=10:W=250:H=212:ST=0.2

Initialize variables A: angle of qix direction R: size of qix bar S: step size X,Y: Qix position L: number of bars U: maximum bar number

20 DIM X1(U-1):DIM X2(U-1):DIM Y1(U-1):DIM Y2(U-1):SCREEN 2

X1,X2,Y1,Y2: previous position arrays

100 LINE (X1(L-1),Y1(L-1))-(X2(L-1),Y2(L-1)),0 

DRAW QIX at position

110 KR$ = INKEY$ : if KR$="a" THEN A = A- ST: ELSE IF KR$="s" THEN A = A + ST

READ key and change Qix angle direction

130 if X>W OR X<0 OR Y<0 OR Y>H THEN A = A+3.14/2 : L=L-1 : if L<2 then L = 2

In case of border collision invert direction

205 FOR I=L-1 TO 1 STEP-1:X1(I)=X1(I-1):X2(I)=X2(I-1):Y1(I)=Y1(I-1)

Shift previous position

210 Y2(I)=Y2(I-1):NEXT I:X = X + S*COS(A): Y = Y + S*SIN(A): A1=A -90:A2=A+90:

Compute Qix next position

220 X1(0)=X+R*COS(A1):Y1(0)=Y+R*SIN(A1):X2(0)=X+R*COS(A2):Y2(0)=Y+R*SIN(A2)

Compute actual bar position.

230 FOR I =1 TO L-2 : LINE (X1(I),Y1(I))-(X2(I),Y2(I)),1:NEXT I:

Draw Qix bars

240 LINE (X1(0),Y1(0))-(X2(0),Y2(0)), 2:GOTO 100

Draw Qix Actual Bar e loop.

Have fun with QixBAS

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