Twitter bot for MEN exploring using of chat for local news and information.
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How to make Manchester Evening News part of the fabric of the city.

Exploring what lies between the physical newspaper and the digital web/app. What are the physical manifestations of news in a city? The project targets the mobile audience and the local audience.


  • 'rain' - tells you if it's going to rain in the next hour
  • 'latest' - gets the latest local story from MEN
  • 'popular' - gets the hottest social story from greater Manchester from MEN
  • 'burger' - recommends a burger place nearby
  • 'vote' - shows a candidate standing in the general election
  • 'safe' - gets the crime rate cf nearby crime rates
  • 'random crime' - shows a local crime and its outcome from crime stats for December 2014
  • 'talk' - a question and answer. Needs 'answer' in user answer to continue the conversation

Running chatbot-twitter Locally

You can test your hubot by running the following.

You can start chatbot-twitter locally by running:

% bin/hubot


An example script is included at scripts/, so check it out to get started, along with the Scripting Guide.

For many common tasks, there's a good chance someone has already one to do just the thing.


There will inevitably be functionality that everyone will want. Instead of writing it yourself, you can check hubot-scripts for existing scripts.

To enable scripts from the hubot-scripts package, add the script name with extension as a double quoted string to the hubot-scripts.json file in this repo.


Hubot is able to load scripts from third-party npm package. Check the package's documentation, but in general it is:

  1. Add the packages as dependencies into your package.json
  2. npm install to make sure those packages are installed
  3. Add the package name to external-scripts.json as a double quoted string

You can review external-scripts.json to see what is included by default.

Twitter adapter

Restart the bot

You may want to get comfortable with heroku logs and heroku restart if you're having issues.