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Specs driven social meta-programming
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Specs driven social meta-programming

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Spectro will fetch an algorithm to cover the given spec form its DB and will then define the #hello method using it.

require 'spectro'

class Sample

  include Spectro

  implements \
    hello: [:name]


spec_for hello String -> String
  "Minion"  -> "Say Hello to Minion"
  "Roberto" -> "Say Hello to Roberto"
  "Roland"  -> "Say Hello to Roland"
sample =

sample.hello 'Eddie' #=> 'Say Hello to Eddie'

Working with Mocks


  • Keep coding while waiting for an algorithm that covers your specs
  • Using Spectro just to mock stuff
require 'spectro'

class EmailValidator

  include Spectro

  implements \
    valid?: [:email]


spec_for valid? String -> TrueClass|FalseClass
  ""  -> true
  "" -> false
require 'email_validator' #=> Spectro::Exception::UndefinedMethodDefinition
Spectro.configure do |config|

require 'email_validator'

email_validator =

email_validator.valid?("") #=> true 
email_validator.valid?("") #=> false 
email_validator.valid?("") #=> raise Spectro::Exception::UnkwnonMockResponse
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