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NixOS configuration, pilfered from juselius/nixos-configuration, MIT-licensed.

  1. Download the NixOS minimal installation CD
  2. Install NixOS by following the installation instructions

Configure the base OS:

# nix-env -i git vim
# cd /tmp
# git clone
# cp nixos-configuration/*.nix /etc/nixos/
# vim /etc/nixos/configuration.nix
# nixos-rebuild switch
# reboot

Don't forget to add channels (using sudo in case)

# nix-channel --add nixos
# nix-channel --add nixos-unstable
# nix-channel --add nixos-hardware

WARNING The configuration in the repo might not always work successfully due to some packages. In case that happens, comment them and proceed with installation. You can fix those packages afterwards.

Configure the user account:

# su - username
$ git clone .dots
$ git clone .xmonad
$ ln -s .dots/default.nix .
$ vim default.nix
$ nix-home