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An experiment with Python+Rust
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Musings with Rust and Python with PyO3

How to work with this repo

There currently is some redundancy when it comes to specifying dependencies. This originates from a number of factors:

  1. Rust and Python have different ways of managing dependencies.
  2. I use Nix to ensure I have reproducible development environments. This clashes massively with Python dependency management.
  3. We also want to make this usable when Conda orchestrates the Python environment.
  • Cargo.toml. This specifies the Rust dependencies: first and foremost PyO3. TODO: Maybe specify non-dev Python deps here?
  • pyproject.toml. This specifies that the build system for the Python project is maturin. In the future we might include more stuff here, depending on which packaging/environment manager tool takes hold in the Python world.
  • Pipfile. This is used to set up the Python environment correctly. TODO Should this list all deps (non-dev + dev)?
  • environment.yml. Same as Pipfile, but for Conda.

In addition:

  • shell.nix This specifies the Nix shell to create.
  • .envrc Automates the whole thing.

In a real-world repository shell.nix and .envrc would not be checked in, but rather tracked in a "stash branch" using git-along


Copyright (c) 2018, Charles J. C. Scott, Roberto Di Remigio Licensed under MPL v2.0.

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