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Dialogflow: Webhook Template using Node.js and Cloud Functions for Firebase

Setup Instructions


  1. Deploy the fulfillment webhook provided in the functions folder using Google Cloud Functions for Firebase:
    1. Follow the instructions to set up and initialize Firebase SDK for Cloud Functions. Make sure to select the project that you have previously generated in the Actions on Google Console and to reply N when asked to overwrite existing files by the Firebase CLI.
    2. Navigate to the firebase/functions directory and run npm install.
    3. Run firebase deploy --only functions and take note of the endpoint where the fulfillment webhook has been published. It should look like Function URL (yourAction): https://${REGION}-${PROJECT}
  2. Go to the Dialogflow console and select Fulfillment from the left navigation menu.
  3. Enable Webhook, set the value of URL to the Function URL from the previous step, then click Save.
  4. Select Intents from the left navigation menu. Select the Default Welcome Intent intent, scroll down to the end of the page and click Fulfillment, check Use webhook and then click Save. This will allow you to have the welcome intent be a basic webhook intent to test.
  5. Build out your agent and business logic by adding function handlers for Dialogflow actions.
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