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PulseSensor_v0 improve markdown formatting Nov 20, 2016
PulseSensor_v2 improve markdown formatting Nov 20, 2016
blenderdefender removed the LED on pin 13, as it is used for SPI. Some changes in tim… Jun 12, 2016
eegsynth_cvgate_mcp4725 renamed to avoid confusion between the mcp4725 and the mcp4822 versio… Oct 10, 2015
eegsynth_devirtualizer ENH copied eegsynth_cvgate_mcp4822 to new sketch and added support fo… Jan 17, 2016
esp8266_12v_trigger analog trigger to switch NAD-D3020 amplifier on and off over network/… Aug 13, 2017
esp8266_artnet_bci improved documentation, better link to Enttec states Aug 13, 2017
esp8266_artnet_dmx512 mention SPIFFS for static files Aug 6, 2018
esp8266_config_spiffs ENH - added sketch for testing SPIFFS configuration storage using jso… Jan 9, 2017
esp8266_imu_osc mention SPIFFS for static files Aug 6, 2018
esp8266_thingspeak thingspeak test application for ESP8266 Aug 13, 2017
rfm12b_recv_xxxx added readme file Feb 22, 2015
rfm12b_send_am2301 changes in whitespace Nov 7, 2016
rfm12b_send_bmp085 some changes to the display of debug information Jun 12, 2016
rfm12b_send_ds18b20 added readme file with pointer to website for more details Feb 22, 2015
rfm12b_send_lm35 added readme file Feb 22, 2015
rfm12b_send_random changed the BLIP_NODE into 7, which is consistent with the other rfm1… Aug 20, 2017
rfm12b_thingspeak small change to formatting, nothing functional Aug 20, 2017
teensy_gps_temp_ttn added an external LED, debugged the USB serial port, which did not st… Apr 14, 2017
teensy_ttn1 decrease transmit interval from 60 to 15 Dec 31, 2017
teensy_ttn2 added teensy_ttn1 code after moving keys to secret.h include file Nov 8, 2016
.gitignore ENH use consistent way of storing secret identifiers Jan 17, 2016 updated README Nov 8, 2016