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This is a continuation and updated version of the output from the levelUpTuts tutorial called Level 2 React Native With Graphql.

Basically here you will find the next steps, as far as I understand, I would follow to move the output of this tutorial to be used as a real application with both, expo and react-native-scripts, and additional little improvements I wanted to put in practice with this good and complete exercise as code base, after having finished the Scott Tolinski tutorial.

So if you feel like there are some parts missing before feeling ready to write real React Native Applications, maybe here you could get some tips to improve.

I'm writing in my personal blog about this project where you can find more details.

Development Usage

npm install install; npm start

Keeping it published

And to publish on expo platform just

npm install -g exp
exp publish


  • add .eslint and right .babel
  • Fixing lint problems (translating stateless components to pure function, adding PropTypes to props, avoiding duplicated code, removing unused import,refactoring components...) --> from $ ./node_modules/.bin/eslint ./components
  • Moving the graphcool url to a configurable property so we don't have to publish in the code. Resolved with react-native-dotenv
  • If we update the title, we don't have it correctly updated, apparently it was cause by problems with goBack issues with the 1.x react-navigation, they fixed with the new react-navigation-2.0-rc, so updating and changing a bit the goBack to a navigate, do the work
  • fix and align the loading
  • fix some styles in smaller IPhone
  • have the possibility of hiding the keyboard when clicking out of the Post textarea. Using keyboardShouldPersistTaps from ScrollView.
  • Change color of indicators form IPhone ( network, time, etc)
  • Fix the problem with Nested React Native projects result in TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating self.fetch) published in react-native official github
  • Using RN version of the presets for .babelrc to avoid problems with babel and polyfill and other weird errors
  • Using expo react-native branch to avoid expo problem
  • Adding icon and splash for the app from expo
  • Show errors, connecting problems, login, create user, etc.
  • Add validation to the login form so we don't allow to register with empty email / password
  • Moving create / update post to async / await API style.
  • Possibility to be able to delete posts
  • Change styles for something like styled-components
  • Let's add some animations with something like pose
  • Add unit test specific for graphql