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Mixed-Criticality DAG Framework


This repository holds the Mixed-Criticality Directed Acyclic Graph (MC-DAG) framework. The tool is composed of three different components: a scheduler module for MC-DAGs, an availability estimator and a MC-DAG random generator.

General information

This framework uses a simple XML specification to handle Mixed-Criticality Systems. Some examples are available in btests and in the wiki.

The main propose of this work is to test scheduling methods that were developped during my thesis. By exporting modules into runnable JAR files, benchmarks can be performed. A python script to perform tests is provided in bench.


The scheduler uses a list-based heuristic to allocate tasks to cores. Static scheduling tables for all the criticality modes of a system are computed by this tool.

The scheduling tables for the high-criticality modes are computed first in order to determine safe activation instants for high-criticality tasks. The low-criticality scheduling table is then computed by allowing preemption and migration of tasks when the activation instants of high-criticality tasks occur.

Implementations of the global scheduling heuristic are based on G-EDF, G-LLF and G-EZL (EDF + Zero Laxity).

Random MC-DAG Generator

This framework includes a random generator of MC-DAGs. This generator aims to produce unbiased MC-DAGs to perform benchmarks on scheduling policies.

The unbiased generation relies on methods to create random topologies on DAGs, and uniform distributions of utilization to tasks.


This framework is also capable of performing model transformations to compute availability rates for low-critilicaty outputs of a MC-DAG. Models generated are probabilistic automata used by the PRISM Model Checker.


This implementation supports the following publications:

  • Directed Acyclic Graph Scheduling for Mixed-Criticality Systems - R. Medina, E. Borde and L. Pautet - presented at Ada Europe 2017.
  • Availability Enhancement and Analysis for Mixed-Criticality Systems on Multi-core - R. Medina, E. Borde and L. Pautet - presented at DATE 2018
  • Scheduling Multi-Periodic Mixed-Criticality DAGs on Multi-core Architectures - R. Medina, E. Borde and L. Pautet - presented at RTSS 2018.
  • Deployment of mixed-criticality and data driven systems on multi-cores architectures - R. Medina - Université Paris-Saclay (carried at Télécom ParisTech).
  • Generalized Mixed-Criticality Static Scheduling for Periodic Directed Acyclic Graphs on Multi-Core Processors - R. Medina, E. Borde and L. Pautet - IEEE Transactions on Computers 2020.


Mixed-Criticality DAG Framework




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