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Pelican To Wordpress is a minimal script for migrating Pelican posts to Wordpress. (Pelican is a static blog generator written in Python.)

I wrote this script because I needed to export my blog's content to Wordpress, and none of the options I found produced acceptable results (including several Wordpress importer plugins).


  • This script has been tested on Python 2.7.10.
  • The only required library is python-wordpress-xmlrpc (version 2.3 was used).
  • All your posts must be in the same directory. No sub-directories supported. (I know, this sucks.)
$ pip install python-wordpress-xmlrpc


Open the script in your favorite editor and fill in the following variables:

WP_SITE_URL = r'http://example.com'
WP_USERNAME = 'wordpress_username'
WP_PASSWORD = r'wordpress_password'
FILE_PATH = r"/path/to/your/posts"

Run pelicantowordpress.py from the command line:

$ python pelicantowordpress.py


Things to consider

  • This script only works for Pelican posts, not pages.
  • All posts are exported as 'draft', so you can review them on Wordpress before publishing.
  • No media (i.e., images) is exported to Wordpress. No local URL conversion is done.