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Tweaks to change log.

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@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ h4. API Additions
** @jonopus developed an easy way to snap on NativeSignals to Sprite, Timer, etc. See *org.osflash.signals.natives.sets* package.
** Created SignalSprite, SignalTimer, etc. as example base classes. See *org.osflash.signals.natives.base* package.
-`h4. API Changes
+h4. API Changes
* Removed ISignalOwner, INativeSignalOwner and IDispatcher. They became annoying, e.g. casting ISignal to Signal just to dispatch. Moved their methods into ISignal.
* *add()*, *addOnce()* and *remove()* now return ISlot.
@@ -37,8 +37,9 @@ h4. Tests
* Refactored duplicated test code into base classes, e.g. ISignalTestBase. This greatly increased coverage across various implementations.
h4. Build
-* Flash Player executes on Linux (thanks @joa).
+* Build now has a "package" target to zip SWC and source together.
* Build now has a "clean" target to remove generated folders.
+* Flash Player executes on Linux (thanks @joa).
h3. v0.8 - Maximilian - 2010-11-14
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