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“Wrote my first real use of as3signals today. Definitely can see how this will speed up writing! addOnce, removeAll; love!” — typeoneerror

“Used as3signals from @robpenner for the first time on the weekend. Clean and easy! It’s definitely got it’s place in my toolbox!” — vitch

“Hmm, #as3Signals is good – mad professor hat on – more later” — piercer

“Definitely, everybody should be using #as3Signals I love it.” — diegoxleon

“#AS3Signals + #FlexUnit4 = great match. #actionscript” — jayfour000

“I’ve been playing with AS3Signals lately, and think I will be replacing flash events with it on all future projects. It’s so simple!” — Clint Hannaford

“AS3-Signals – fantastic utility for handling custom events.” — bensonarts

“updating a recent Flex project and wishing I had #as3signals in it. Resisting the temptation to rip out the events and replace’m.” — davidortinau

“The addOnce and removeAll methods are such wins” — BK4D

“AS3 Signals is brilliant (thanks @BK4D)- http://pv3d.org/2010/01/21/as3-signals-tutorial/ – ditch events now!” — terrypaton1

“Just switched my current project to #as3signals! yeah it really rocks ! :)” — quetru

“hah! I just got what as3-signals is all about – and I really dig it!” — manufaktor

“Holy crap AS3 Signals makes life a lot easier. Just setup a bunch of stuff so quickly. Sweeeeeet!” — terrypaton1

“@dansiger I am also a fan of AS3Signals and have been preaching it to my colleagues as it made my life much easier. Glad it’s catching on.” — lucastswick

“Solved one situation using #as3signals which I would have never ever achieved using Events.” — flashchemist

“I love AS3signals. It’s made my life easier. Thanks, @robpenner” — fivetwelve

“The reduced boilerplate code required is worth the switch to #AS3Signals alone.” — Dustin Senos

“Second day playing with #AS3signals. They are easier and more pragmatic than AS3 native events.” — Dustin Senos

“How much am I loving #as3signals today? A lot, thank you.” — fixative

“finally getting to use #as3Signals and all I can say is ahhhhhhhh….thank you @robpenner!” — flaShape

“Robert, Thanks so much for Signals! We have been building a pretty major web application over at Dedoose and I was running into some serious performance issues with Axiis Visualizations running so many frigging events. Converted a lot of that into Signals and performance skyrocketed! Thanks again for your awesome contributions to the community!” — JTtheGeek

“Using #AS3Signals is so nice will say thank you to @robpenner did a great work !” — Flashapplicatio

“Draaaastically improved 3D rendering performance using #as3signals” — pollensoft

“part of me doesn’t want to adopt #as3signals. The masochistic part that likes to write lines and lines of boilerplate code.” — ramio

“@raptros_ Given what it is, though, #as3signals is the better choice for many situations.” — Troy Gilbert

“Ooh… Aerial-CMS + as3-signals = incredibly quick scaffolding of RIAs! Blog post to come soon” — dannykopping

“I love AS3 Signals. Never realized how much work regular events were…” — babyC

“AS3-signals are cure for many as3 event issues, too bad they are for custom events only ;)” — sergebat

“I was only flirting with AS3 Signals before, but have used it a lot the last two weeks and really dig it. No more endless event classes.” — yapiodesign

“robert penner’s Signals – definitely recommend this over classic #AS3 event management” — nickjonastic

“Reading unit tests is a great way to understand code #as3signals #asunit” — MattesGroeger

“…is it time for AS4 now? (via @bryngfors) – I vote on native as3signals, real abstract classes and a built in singleton support.” — marteinn_se

“#AS3 signals are simply brilliant! http://bit.ly/aWeby9 (tutorial by @johnlindquist)” — IQAndreas

“I think this is the last project I’ll be using flash events, I think that it’s gonna be #AS3Signals all the way from now on” — vranac

“Finally made the switch to AS3 Signals for all tasks – loving them, and don’t even need to think about it anymore – great work @robpenner” — thewhitewood

“AS3 Signals promoted in ‘game theory and design on the flash platform’ #adobemax” — xtyler

“the power of Signals cannot be understated. They are so much more efficient than the native AS3 event mechanism it’s just ridiculous. Is there any way we can somehow add a meta attribute on Signals declared in code to have the MXML intellisense in flash builder show it like it’s an event? I would love to see someone build a whole component framework for flash from the ground up using only pure Signals. Also, you might mention RoboLegs + Signals is a really good combination for larger project. We have implemented something like this on our flex 4 research app over at http://www.dedoose.com and it’s been nothing sort of amazing in terms of flexibility and maintainability.” — JTtheGeek

“removing listeners is so sweet in #as3signals” — UltraVisual

“#as3signals is saving my ass.” — mbritton

“Refactoring my Library… You GOTTA love AS3Signals! It’s crazy easy and works on every object. I wish this was the Event-system in AS3 ;)” — ypmits

“Can someone fork http://www.starling-framework.org/ and replace all the events with as3-signals? If I’m getting a new display list, I want new events too.” — joshtynjala

Frameworks and Signals

“So if you place a Signal in a Bean,you can Inject the Signal by Bean name,no custom signals needed,even with payload,nice #swiz #as3signals” — odoenet

“Robotlegs with AS3 Signals demo application(small survey app) finished, went smoother then I thought it would be. They both rock!” — SlevinBE

“just update my small #robotlegs app to use #as3signals and #SignalCommandMap – amazingly clean code.” — piercer

“Anyone else using robotlegs and as3signals find things to work like magic? Blowing my mind.” — ninjaparade

“robotlegs and as3signals r a top combo! If your aren’t using them you should. Easy to pickup and use.” — tindyair

“Revamping my AS3 framework to use AS3 Signals. Should help out a lot with all of my current Flash projects.” — liquidplastik

“Doing random experiments with #robotlegs, #as3signals and #twitterapi. All in #FDT of course. Greatness.” — abeldebeer

“Just rigged up #robotlegs #as3signals & #swfaddress on a current project. I think I’m in love.” — Ryan Kee

“#FDT4 #Robotlegs #AS3Signals make for a dream team combo. Framework running perfectly and now with forced garbage collection! truly epic!” — tindyair

“My new social experiment/game & widget just launched. A joy to build with #robotlegs and #as3signals !” — stray_and_ruby

“adding unplanned features to a @robotlegs_as3 with #as3signals. fortunately those make it easier!” — my_chiguai

“Using #AS3Signals w/ #Swiz and noticed I’m creating lots of signals. OK w/ it so far. Might use sub signal packages next time.” — foomonger

“Ok, as this project gets larger and includes more modular swfs, I kinda wish I had use #as3signals with my #robotlegs. Get it now.” — typeonerror

“Tip for Flexers that are using the SpringAS framework: best way of communicating between PresentationModel and View are AS3 Signals!Luv ’em!” — joristimmerman

“spent the day writing my first #robotlegs and #as3signals app. very favorable experience thus far…” — heavilyinvolved

“Ok, had modest success with #robotlegs + #as3signals today. My display objects are uncannily pristine” — ramio

“Forgot to mention to @robpenner and @jhooks how many people I overheard at #360Flex talking about using #AS3Signals daily. Endorsements++” — Kevin Suttle