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#!/usr/bin/env python
import argparse
import editdistance
import collections
import itertools
import json
import re
import sys
# fallback dictionary for greedily parsing chunks of letters into phonemes
PARSE = collections.OrderedDict([
('ooooooooo', ['UW0']),
('eeee', ['IY0']),
('iiii', ['AY0']),
('eee', ['IY0']),
('hhh', ['HH']),
('iii', ['AY0']),
('rrr', ['R']),
('aa', ['AA0']),
('ay', ['AY0']),
('ch', ['CH']),
('dd', ['D']),
('ee', ['IY0']),
('er', ['ER0']),
('ey', ['EY0']),
('ii', ['AY0']),
('hh', ['HH']),
('ll', ['LL']),
('oo', ['UW0']),
('oy', ['OY0']),
('ph', ['F']),
('qk', ['K']),
('rr', ['R']),
('sh', ['SH']),
('th', ['TH']),
('yy', ['EY0']),
('a', ['AE0']),
('b', ['B']),
('c', ['S']),
('d', ['D']),
('e', ['EH0']),
('f', ['F']),
('g', ['G']),
('h', ['HH']),
('i', ['IH0']),
('j', ['JH']),
('k', ['K']),
('l', ['L']),
('m', ['M']),
('n', ['N']),
('o', ['OW0']),
('p', ['P']),
('q', ['K']),
('r', ['R']),
('s', ['S']),
('t', ['T']),
('u', ['AH']),
('v', ['V']),
('w', ['W']),
('x', ['K', 'S']),
('y', ['EY0']),
('z', ['Z'])
# chunks a word into phonemes using cmudict and falls back to the PARSE dictionary above
def chunk_word(pronunciations, word):
word = re.sub('[^\w\']', '', word).lower()
if pronunciations.has_key(word):
return pronunciations[word][0]
result = []
chunk_found = False
for chunk, phonemes in PARSE.iteritems():
if word.startswith(chunk):
word = word[len(chunk):]
chunk_found = True
if chunk_found and word:
result.extend(chunk_word(pronunciations, word))
if not chunk_found:
return result
# transforms a phoneme into a consonant or vowel marker
def transform_phoneme(phoneme):
match = re.match('.*([0-9])', phoneme)
return 'V' if match else 'C'
# transforms phonemes into consonant or vowel markers
def word_cadence(phonemes):
def remove_duplicates(phoneme):
if 'C' == phoneme:
if remove_duplicates.previous_phoneme_was_vowel:
remove_duplicates.previous_phoneme_was_vowel = False
return True
return False
remove_duplicates.previous_phoneme_was_vowel = True
return True
remove_duplicates.previous_phoneme_was_vowel = True
return ''.join(filter(remove_duplicates, map(transform_phoneme, phonemes)))
# chooses the the line with the cadence that has the fewest different consonant or vowel markers to
# the target line
def choose(source_lines, pronunciations, target_line_cadence):
prioritized = list()
for line in source_lines:
words = line.split()
cadences = list()
for word in words:
cadence = word_cadence(chunk_word(pronunciations, word))
line_cadence = ' '.join(cadences)
edit_distance = editdistance.eval(target_line_cadence, line_cadence)
prioritized.append((edit_distance, line, line_cadence))
sorted_priority = min(prioritized)
return sorted_priority[1], sorted_priority[2], sorted_priority[0]
def main():
# setup command line options
commands = argparse.ArgumentParser(
description = 'Translates a manuscript into rhythmically plausible lines from source text')
'-d', '--dictionary', required = True, help = 'the pronunciation dictionary')
commands.add_argument('--html', action = 'store_true', help = 'output to html')
commands.add_argument('-i', '--image', help = 'the html image to precede the text')
commands.add_argument('-s', '--source', help = 'the source text')
arguments = commands.parse_args()
# read the cmudict from JSON
with open(arguments.dictionary) as dictionary_file:
pronunciations = json.load(dictionary_file)
# read the source text
with open(arguments.source) as source_file:
source_lines = list()
for line in source_file:
line = line.strip()
# output HTML header
if arguments.html:
if arguments.image:
image = '<div><img src="%s" style="width: 45em;" /></div>' % arguments.image
image = ''
print '''
<meta charset="utf-8">
<style type="text/css">
@font-face {
font-family: 'EVA Hand 1';
src: url('font/EVA1.ttf');
@font-face {
font-family: 'Ubuntu Mono';
src: url('font/Ubuntu-M.ttf');
body {
font-family: 'Ubuntu Mono';
div {
padding-left: 1em;
<div style="padding-left: 5em;">
''' % image
# output translated lines
for line in sys.stdin:
line = line.strip()
words = line.split()
cadences = [word_cadence(chunk_word(pronunciations, word)) for word in words]
line_cadence = ' '.join(cadences)
choice, choice_cadence, priority = choose(source_lines, pronunciations, line_cadence)
line = re.sub('\\s+', ' ', line)
choice = re.sub('\\s+', ' ', choice)
if arguments.html:
print ' <p>'
print ' <span title="%s" style="font-family: \'EVA Hand 1\';"><b>%s</b></span> <br />'\
% (line_cadence, line)
print ' <span title="%s">%s</span> <br />' % (line_cadence, line)
print ' <span title="%s %s"><b>%s</b></span> <br />'\
% (priority, choice_cadence, choice.upper())
print ' </p>'
print line
print choice.upper(), '(%s)' % priority
# output output HTML footer
if arguments.html:
print '''
if '__main__' == __name__: