jQuery Plugin that adds Ruby on Rails routing types to AJAX methods.
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jQuery-Rails Plugin

jQuery-Rails adds Ruby on Rails style restful HTTP verbs to the jQuery library. Instead of sending an actual PUT or DELETE request (many browsers only support GET and POST), jQuery will make a POST request with an additional data parameter called _method set to the proper verb. Ruby on Rails can then act accordingly.


You can use the $.ajax method with "put" and "delete".

  url: "fruites/123",
  type: "put",
  data: {
    "a": "apple",
    "b": "banana"

jQuery will then format a POST request with _method set as "put".

_method	put
      a	apple
      b	banana

You can also use the additional shorthand methods, $.put and $.delete_.

NOTE: jQuery-Rails uses "delete_" with a trailing underscore as "delete" is a reserved word in JavaScript, and its usage fails on certain browsers.

$.delete_("fruits/123", {"c": "cherry"}, function(message) {

And jQuery will format a POST request with _method set as "delete".

_method	delete
      c	cherry


If you have any questions, comments or just want to talk shop about JavaScript, feel free to reach me through my website at http://www.robertsosinski.com.