A JavaScript cookie management library that can store object literals via JSON.
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JS-Cookies Plugin

JS-Cookies is a simple interface to list, get, set and delete cookies. If you are also using Douglas Crockford's JSON library, you can set entire object literals as cookies too, as they will be automatically converted to and evaluated as JSON.

If you are using a different JavaScript framework or JSON library, you can also easily edit getJSON and setJSON to use the appropriate methods.


Within the scope of the current domain, you can list all cookies:

cookies.list(); // => ["apple", "banana", "cherry"]

Show the value within a cookie:

cookies.get("apple"); // => "macintosh"

Set the value for a cookie:

cookies.set("banana", "cavendish"); // => undefined

And also delete a cookie.

cookies.delete_("banana"); // => undefined

NOTE: JS-Cookies uses "delete_" with a trailing underscore as "delete" is a reserved word in JavaScript, and its usage fails on certain browsers.

You can also get and set object literals using getJSON and setJSON.

cookies.setJSON("basket", {"pear": "bosc", "kiwi": "little spotted"}); // => undefined

cookies.getJSON("basket"); // => {"pear": "bosc", "kiwi": "little spotted"}


If you have any questions, comments or just want to talk shop about JavaScript, feel free to reach me through my website at http://www.robertsosinski.com.