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Role-playing game based on the Pokémon video game series.
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Pokémon Duke Blue

Pokémon Duke Blue is a role-playing, turn based game built with JavaFX based off of the Pokémon videogame series. The game features a navigable world, interactive non-player characters, turn-style Pokémon battles, cheat codes, and sound effects.


  • Up/down/right/left arrow keys: move the player sprite throughout the map, or choose which moves you'll use in battle
  • Z: equivalent to the "A" button on a GameBoy (affirmative/attack command)
  • Space: begins the overworld mode from the title screen
  • C: displays the cheat mode screen which lists all cheat codes and their effects
  • B: skips directly from the intro screen to the battle mode
  • I: toggles invincibility when in battle mode


Talk to non-player characters and get advice on how to become a Pokémon master, then challenge Coach K, Duke University's incumbent Pokémon master.

General world mode

Navigate through Duke University's East Campus and interact with dorm leaders via the Z key.

Battle mode

Each opponent begins with a set amount of health points (HP) according to their Pokémon's strength. Pressing the Z key repeatedly deals damage to the opponent's Pokémon, but attacks are dealt to the player's Pokémon on a timed basis.

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