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Sinatra: Documentation



A whirlwind tour of Sinatra's most interesting features.

Options and Configuration

Detailed documentation on all of Sinatra's built-in options and using set, enable, and disable to configure them.

Testing Sinatra with Rack::Test

Guide to testing Sinatra apps.

Writing Extensions

How to add new functionality to Sinatra using the extension APIs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to those questions most frequently asked on the mailing list and in #sinatra.

Release Notes

Detailed change log for each Sinatra release generated from the CHANGES file.

API Documentation

Generated from Sinatra's source with RDoc. The Rack API docs should also be consulted.

Also available with an alternate template at

In the Wild

List of applications, libraries, websites and companies using Sinatra.

Extensions in the Wild

List of Sinatra extensions, typically available as gems.

The Sinatra Book (Work In Progress)

An in-depth look at building and deploying Sinatra applications.

Screencasts and Presentations

RubyConf 08: Lightweight Web Services

Adam Wiggins and Blake Mizerany present Sinatra and RestClient at RubyConf 2008. The talk details Sinatra's underlying philosophy and reflects on using Sinatra to build real world applications.

Classy Web Development with Sinatra (Prag's Screencast Series)

Adam Keys and The Pragmatic Programmers have started a series of screencasts on Sinatra. The first two episodes cover creating a tiny web app and creating a REST service. $5 a pop.

Sinatra at Locos x Rails, in Buenos Aires

By Nicolás Sanguinetti, April 2009.

Around The Web

RubyInside's 29 Links and Resources

Peter Cooper's compendium with links to tutorials, example applications, and presentations.

Chris Schneider's Blog: GITTR

Christopher's blog is a treasure-trove of useful Sinatra related information.

Using Compass for CSS in your Sinatra application

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