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Sinatra in The Wild

NOTE: Feel free to fork Sinatra's website on GitHub and add your own entry to the wild.markdown file. Just push and we'll take care of the rest.

Applications {#apps}

Libraries and extensions {#libs}

  • Sinatra's Hat Mount models as web services in Sinatra with ease
  • Classy Resources Think resources controller, except for sinatra
  • Sinatra Ditties A collection of plugins and useful helpers
  • Chicago runtime and testing helpers, extensions, and macros commonly used by Thumblemonks
  • Capinatra Quickly deploy Sinatra apps to Passenger.
  • Frankie Easy creation of Facebook applications with Sinatra and the Facebook gem
  • Sinatra Application Template Base app with DataMapper, Haml and RSpec. Fork and build.
  • Sinatra OAuth Provider an OAuth provider implemented with Sinatra
  • Spork Executes some aynchronous code using Sinatra running under Passenger
  • Retweet Create Twitter apps like with ease
  • Rack Flash Simple flash hash implementation for Rack with extra sugar for Sinatra.
  • Sinatra-REST generates RESTful routes for your models (ActiveRecord, DataMapper, Stone)
  • R18n Agnostic i18n library with Sinatra extension.
  • url_for Construct absolute paths and full URLs for current application.
  • WebIRC Web-based IRC client.
  • content_for Rails-like content_for helper for your views (supports ERB and Haml.)

Websites {#sites}

Companies using Sinatra {#biz}