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require 'fileutils'
module RepoManager
class Generate < Thor
# full path to the remote folder
REMOTE = File.expand_path('remote')
# Create, add, and commit the contents of the current working directory and
# then push it to a predefined remote folder
# @example From the repo working
# cd ~/my_repo_name
# repo generate:remote my_repo_name
# @example Specify the path to the working folder
# repo generate:remote my_repo_name --path=/path/to/my_repo_name
method_option :remote, :type => :string, :desc => "remote folder or git host, defaults to '#{REMOTE}'"
method_option :path, :type => :string, :desc => "path to working folder, defaults to CWD"
desc "remote REPO_NAME", "init a git repo in CWD and push to remote '#{REMOTE}'"
def remote(name)
path = options[:path] || FileUtils.pwd
remote = options[:remote] || "#{File.join(REMOTE, name + '.git')}"
Dir.chdir path do
run("git init")
# core config with windows in mind but works fine on POSIX
run("git config core.autocrlf false")
run("git config core.filemode false")
exit $?.exitstatus if ($?.exitstatus > 1)
# add everthing and commit
run("git add .")
run("git commit --message #{shell_quote('initial commit')}")
exit $?.exitstatus if ($?.exitstatus > 1)
# remove old origin first, if it exists
run("git remote add origin #{remote}")
run("git config branch.master.remote origin")
run("git config branch.master.merge refs/heads/master")
exit $?.exitstatus if ($?.exitstatus > 1)
run("git clone --bare #{shell_quote(path)} #{remote}")
exit $?.exitstatus if ($?.exitstatus > 1)
say "init done on '#{name}'", :green