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Getter for variables #1

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// I want to be able to get the value of variables.

// Create json file.
"Variables": {
"defaultBackgroundColor": "red"

"@Controllers": {
    "MyViewController": {
        "UITableView": {
            "backgroundColor": "$defaultBackgroundColor"


// UISS init. And appearance is work.
UISS *uiss = [UISS configureWithDefaultJSONFile];
[UISS setSharedUISS:uiss];

// But sometimes I need write code
@implementation MyView

  • (void)drawRect:(CGRect)rect {
    UIColor *color = [[UISS sharedUISS] colorForVariable:@"defaultBackgroundColor"];

    UIBezierPath* bezier = [UIBezierPath bezierPath];
    // ... my bezier code
    [color setFill];
    [bezier fill];


// Other UISS methods

  • (id)valueForVariable:(NSString *)name;
  • (UIColor *)colorForVariable:(NSString *)name;
  • (UIFont *)fontForVariable:(NSString *)name;
  • (UIImage *)imageForVariable:(NSString *)name;

You can achieve this by adding UIAppearance property to your class.
Here is an example:

@robertwijas robertwijas was assigned
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