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Painless Dependencies in R Build Status Release Tag Documentation

Lockbox is a very minimalistic bundler-style dependency manager for R.

The goal of lockbox is to ensure you have to spend no time thinking about package dependencies and get back to doing real work in R.

To get started, just write a lockfile.yml (see an example below) and execute


Your search path will be cleared of all other loaded packages, ensuring you have exactly and only what is in the lockfile. If you place the above line in the .Rprofile accompanying your project directory and keep the lockfile.yml under source control, launching the R console after switching to earlier commits will instantly load your old dependencies, forever freeing you from having to worry about dependency management.


This package is not yet available from CRAN (as of April 4, 2015). To install the latest development builds directly from GitHub, run this instead:

if (!require("devtools")) install.packages("devtools")

Real examples

Example Lock File

# lockfile.yml in the project you wish to dependency manage using lockbox
    # This will install the tundra package from github's robertzk/tundra repo
    # off tag 0.2.2. You can specify a different tag / branch / ref using:
    #   ref: v0.2.2 # For example
    name: tundra
    version: 0.2.2
    repo: robertzk/tundra
    name: director
    version: 0.2.1
    repo: robertzk/director
    load: false # This package will not be loaded by default. The user must
                # request it by calling library(director). In that case,
                # the correct version (0.2.1) will be loaded.
    # Use the kselection package version 0.2.0 from CRAN.
    # If this is not the current version, the CRAN archive will be used.
    name: kselection
    version: 0.2.0
    # Install a local (development) package version 0.1.0 from directory
    # /your/pkg. Using this approach is not recommended, since you will
    # not be able to keep your lock file under version control and shareable
    # with other contributors to the project, as they are unlikely to have
    # the same package / version in the same directory. However, it is useful
    # for development prior to pushing a new version to, e.g., github.
    name: yourpkg
    version: 0.1.0
    dir: /your/pkg
    # Install a local package and re-install it every time your lockbox loads
    # regardless of package version, to make quick development possible.
    # ...Keep in mind that the contents of autoinstalled packages are only
    # *loaded*, and not re-saved to lockbox each time...
    name: yourpkg
    version: 0.1.0
    dir: /your/pkg
    autoinstall: true
    # You can even install repos that are private on Github, as long as your
    # GIT_PAT environment variable is set (using your shell or, e.g., Sys.setenv)
    # to the value of your Github authorization token. To obtain one, see:
    # It should be a 32-character hexadecimal string.
    name: privatepkg
    version: 0.1.4
    repo: privateorg/privatepkg
    # You can install packages directly from a file hosting server or AWS S3
    # If they are distributed in a form of a CRAN-compatible tarball
    name: tarballpkg
    version: 3.2.2
    remote: tarball


If you call library(lockbox) from within a directory that contains a lockfile.yml somewhere in a parent directory, that lockfile will be loaded and the relevant package versions attached to the search path. In particular, you can place library(lockbox) in your ~/.Rprofile and lockbox will be loaded if and only if you start your R session from a project that is managed by lockbox.

This behavior can be disabled by setting options(lockbox.autoload = FALSE).


Bundler-style dependency management for R







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