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carrot16 is an in-browser IDE, assembler, and emulator for the DCPU platform, based on work done for deNULL's server-based emulator.


  • runs completely in your local browser (chrome) without requiring any server or any particular platform (so it should work equally well on mac, linux, and Windows)
  • full-featured assembler (d16bunny) that supports things like macros
  • load and debug local files
  • breakpoints and step-through
  • watch memory reads/writes as they happen
  • written in coffeescript for clarity

to run it

$ open index.html

(or the windows equivalent)


open-source licensed under apache 2. patches welcome!


  • the monitor is REALLY big on small screens: go back to making it proportional, and using 1x1 pixels
  • clock should count cycles on "step" and trigger interrupts periodically


  • change time slice interval
  • save memory image
  • load memory image
  • add vector display
  • add disk drive
  • disassembler (is this really necessary?)