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Configgy is deprecated

Configgy was a library that handled two separate things:

  • setting up basic logging
  • loading config files

Logging has moved into util-logging, which requires scala 2.8 but is slightly more idiomatic, and removes the need for a config file, because:

Configuration is usually done from within ostrich by loading and interpreting a scala file. This has several advantages, not the least of which is type checking and validation, and is described a bit more in the ostrich README. The base classes for defining and loading config files are in util-core and util-eval.

Old versions of configgy are preserved on branches. I do still accept & merge patches for these branches to help maintain code that still uses it.

  • scala 2.7: branch "release-1.6"
  • scala 2.8: branch "release-2.0"
  • scala 2.9: branch "scala-2.9"