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Dcpu =
Registers: { "a": 0, "b": 1, "c": 2, "x": 3, "y": 4, "z": 5, "i": 6, "j": 7 }
RegisterNames: "ABCXYZIJ"
"push": 0x18
"pop": 0x18
"peek": 0x19
"pick": 0x1a
"sp": 0x1b
"pc": 0x1c
"ex": 0x1d
"set": 0x01
"add": 0x02
"sub": 0x03
"mul": 0x04
"mli": 0x05
"div": 0x06
"dvi": 0x07
"mod": 0x08
"mdi": 0x09
"and": 0x0a
"bor": 0x0b
"xor": 0x0c
"shr": 0x0d
"asr": 0x0e
"shl": 0x0f
"ifb": 0x10
"ifc": 0x11
"ife": 0x12
"ifn": 0x13
"ifg": 0x14
"ifa": 0x15
"ifl": 0x16
"ifu": 0x17
"adx": 0x1a
"sbx": 0x1b
"sti": 0x1e
"std": 0x1f
"jsr": 0x01
"hcf": 0x07
"int": 0x08
"iag": 0x09
"ias": 0x0a
"rfi": 0x0b
"iaq": 0x0c
"hwn": 0x10
"hwq": 0x11
"hwi": 0x12
Dcpu.Reserved = (x for x of Dcpu.Registers).concat(x for x of Dcpu.Specials)
Dcpu.RegisterRegex = new RegExp("^(" + Dcpu.Reserved.join("|") + ")\\b", "i")
Dcpu.ReservedOp = (x for x of Dcpu.BinaryOp).concat(x for x of Dcpu.SpecialOp).concat(
[ "jmp", "hlt", "ret", "bra", "dat", "org", "equ" ])
Dcpu.BinaryOpNames = {}
for k, v of Dcpu.BinaryOp then Dcpu.BinaryOpNames[v] = k
Dcpu.SpecialOpNames = {}
for k, v of Dcpu.SpecialOp then Dcpu.SpecialOpNames[v] = k
exports.Dcpu = Dcpu
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