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child_process = require 'child_process'
fibers = require 'fibers'
fs = require 'fs'
glob = require 'glob'
mocha = require 'mocha'
sync = require 'sync'
util = require 'util'
exec = (args...) ->
command = args.shift()
process = child_process.spawn command, args
process.stderr.on "data", (data) -> util.print(data.toString())
process.stdout.on "data", (data) -> util.print(data.toString())
fiber = fibers.current
process.on 'exit', (code) ->
run = (command) ->
console.log "\u001b[35m+ " + command + "\u001b[0m"
rv = exec("/bin/sh", "-c", command)
if rv != 0
console.error "\u001b[31m! Execution failed. :(\u001b[0m"
checkfile = (file1, file2) ->
data1 = fs.readFileSync(file1, "UTF-8")
data2 = fs.readFileSync(file2, "UTF-8")
if data1 != data2
console.error "\u001b[31m! Files do not match: #{file1} <-> #{file2}\u001b[0m"
# run a task inside a sync-capable fiber
synctask = (name, description, f) ->
task name, description, -> (sync -> f())
## -----
cake = "./node_modules/coffee-script/bin/cake"
coffee = "./node_modules/coffee-script/bin/coffee"
mocha = "./node_modules/mocha/bin/mocha"
synctask "test", "run unit tests", ->
run "#{mocha} -R Progress --compilers coffee:coffee-script --colors"
console.log "Integration test for d16basm (from maximinus-thrax):"
for i in [1..5]
run "./bin/bunny -q --dat --out /tmp/d16.out testdata/test#{i}.dasm"
checkfile "/tmp/d16.out", "testdata/test#{i}.d16dat"
run "rm -f /tmp/d16.out"
console.log "\u001b[32mOK! :)\u001b[0m"
synctask "build", "build javascript", ->
console.log "\u001b[1;34mCompiling coffee-script...\u001b[0m"
run "mkdir -p lib"
run "#{coffee} -o lib -c src"
synctask "clean", "erase build products", ->
run "rm -rf js lib"
synctask "distclean", "erase everything that wasn't in git", ->
run "rm -rf node_modules"