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nolove is a binding for LLVM (libllvm) into node/v8.


LLVM is the bottom half of a compiler. If you hand it a partially-compiled diagram of code, it will finish compiling and optimizing the code into something that's natively executable.

If you want to play around with little languages, or you would like to perform JIT-style compilation of code that you've generated at runtime, libllvm is the tool.


nolove uses gyp, with an included Makefile for running tests.

before it will build, you need to build and install libllvm. i use a configure command like

$ ./configure --prefix=$HOME/llvm

so that it installs into a special folder that i use only for this library, but that isn't necessary. any installation folder should work.

after installing llvm, set your LLVM_HOME and build nolove:

$ export LLVM_HOME=$HOME/llvm
$ make test


the best example so far is the last unit test, which builds a small function (to double a number), compiles it, and calls it, verifying that 10.0 is doubled to 20.0.

the mapping of libllvm function names into javascript follows these rules:

  • all function names are converted to "studlyCaps", which only affects a few functions that are still in windows "CapsFirst" form.
  • any function in the global namespace that takes an LLVMContext or Module as its first parameter is converted to a method on Context or Module, to simplify the namespace.
  • every other global function is inside llvm, and every other method is attached to the same class as in libllvm.

the bindings are very incomplete as of october 2012, so please submit patches to fill in anything you miss, or file a github issue. i plan to fill them in as i need them, but it won't hurt to pester me if you want to adjust my priority order. :)


there need to be more tests. it's tricky to test the bindings without testing actual llvm functionality, but that's not really a good excuse.


this section is just for people who want to hack on the bindings.

each libllvm class has a corresponding class in nolove -- for example, llvm::Module is LModule. each libllvm object is wrapped inside a nolove object, and the nolove object also contains the javascript object.

LModule::module() // -> llvm::Module *
LModule::handle_  // -> v8::Object

two fields on the javascript object are used to point back to the libllvm object and the nolove object, so you can always go back and forth between the javascript object and the nolove object.

each nolove wrapper class also contains a static proto field, which is the javascript prototype used to create new js objects of the right type. i try to mirror the libllvm class inheritance in javascript by chaining prototypes.

in v8, a "class" is really a FunctionTemplate. the function template is a container for a Function, but functions can only be called and can only be inspected very lightly. the FunctionTemplate is what generates new objects. FunctionTemplate has a PrototypeTemplate for adding items to the prototype.

node adds ObjectWrap which keeps a persistent reference to a javascript object, and uses internal field 0 to store the c++ "this" pointer. nolove's NodeWrapped extends that to store the native llvm object in internal field 1.


nolove is copyright 2012 robey pointer, and released under the Apache 2 license, which is included in this package in the file "LICENSE".