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emtrane commented Aug 7, 2010

I'm trying to port it myself but I'm way too inexperienced with Scala. Down to one issue but I'm close to giving up

[error] /Volumes/M and M/Martin/Sites/git/smile/src/main/scala/net/lag/smile/MemcacheClient.scala:120: type mismatch;
[error] found : scala.collection.mutable.Iterable[scala.actors.Future[scala.collection.immutable.Map[_13,]] forSome { type _13 <: String }]
[error] required: scala.Iterable[scala.actors.Future[Map[String,]]]
[error] val futures: Iterable[scala.actors.Future[Map[String, MemcacheResponse.Value]]] = for ((node, keyList) <- nodeKeys) yield BulletProofFuture.future {
[error] ^
[error] src/main/scala/net/lag/smile/KetamaNodeLocator.scala:72: type mismatch;
[error] found : Long
[error] required: (Long,
[error] continuum = (continuum + (computeHash(key, i), node))


robey commented Aug 10, 2010

the error message got mangled on github, but i suspect it's something about iterators that changed in 2.8. i haven't learned the new collections yet, and will probably wait a bit longer for things to stabilize.

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