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package cron
import "time"
// ConstantDelaySchedule represents a simple recurring duty cycle, e.g. "Every 5 minutes".
// It does not support jobs more frequent than once a second.
type ConstantDelaySchedule struct {
Delay time.Duration
// Every returns a crontab Schedule that activates once every duration.
// Delays of less than a second are not supported (will round up to 1 second).
// Any fields less than a Second are truncated.
func Every(duration time.Duration) ConstantDelaySchedule {
if duration < time.Second {
duration = time.Second
return ConstantDelaySchedule{
Delay: duration - time.Duration(duration.Nanoseconds())%time.Second,
// Next returns the next time this should be run.
// This rounds so that the next activation time will be on the second.
func (schedule ConstantDelaySchedule) Next(t time.Time) time.Time {
return t.Add(schedule.Delay - time.Duration(t.Nanosecond())*time.Nanosecond)