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A high productivity web framework for the Go language, in the spirit of Rails and Play!.
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cache working, tested Redis (2.6.X) cache engine implementation
conf correct mimetype for serving opera .oex files
harness Merge branch 'watch-gopath' of git:// into …
mail Allow setting a Message-Id on a mail message
modules Added pprof module readme file
revel wrong path supplied to line 131, removing println
samples HOTFIX: booking sample app error
skeleton aesthetic changes to wording/spacing
templates/errors Fix key quoting in .json error templates
testdata/i18n Revise the SSL support implementation details
.gitignore Added revel/revel to .gitignore
.travis.yml Merge branch 'develop' Update Refined contributing guide
LICENSE Add LICENSE Adds archive notification for relocated repo
binder.go binder: support for maps
binder_test.go binder: support for maps
compress.go Removed extra log I missed and added support for "text/css; charset=u…
compress_test.go Ran go fmt.
config.go Fix: "revel package" includes modules in the package too
controller.go Documentation additions to session, flash, field, controller, and http
errors.go fix typo of user
fakeapp_test.go Importing module routes under the parent path
field.go Issue #501 - Remove errorClass argument added to NewField. Check whet…
filter.go Fixed function name to match the theme.
filterconfig.go Filters: Use funcs instead of vars.
filterconfig_test.go Make FilterAction and FilterController composable
flash.go Documentation additions to session, flash, field, controller, and http
http.go Documentation additions to session, flash, field, controller, and http
i18n.go Remove a trace statement in i18n.go
i18n_test.go Convert Filter type to a func
intercept.go Filters: Use funcs instead of vars.
intercept_test.go Invoke interceptors on multi-embedded Controllers
invoker.go Quite a trace statement.
invoker_test.go Improved testing
libs.go Use hmac.Equal instead of string equals
panic.go Filters: Use funcs instead of vars.
params.go fixing slash issue
params_test.go Fix params.Bind and add a test
results.go Merge pull request #378 from damselem/fix-charset-encoding
results_test.go Moved tests into their own file.
revel.go Go Fmt
router.go Remove debug print call
router_test.go Importing module routes under the parent path
server.go Merge pull request #473 from iassic/documentation/OnAppStart
server_test.go cleanup path generation
session.go Fixed session errors
session_test.go Fixed session errors
template.go renderArgs[CurrentLocaleRenderArg] is not always a string, as seen
tests.go Add method http DELETE to test framework #405
util.go Equal is more of a util function then a template specific function
util_test.go Issue #136: go fmt
validation.go Fix for ValidationResult.Message args
validation_test.go Only set error cookies when Keep has been called
validators.go Fix email validator bug #485
watcher.go Skip attribute events in watcher. Fixes issue #460

Revel Has Moved!

This repo is here as a legacy archive. Please use the new Revel repo.

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