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package controllers
import (
fpath "path/filepath"
type Static struct {
// This method handles requests for files. The supplied prefix may be absolute
// or relative. If the prefix is relative it is assumed to be relative to the
// application directory. The filepath may either be just a file or an
// additional filepath to search for the given file. This response may return
// the following responses in the event of an error or invalid request;
// 403(Forbidden): If the prefix filepath combination results in a directory.
// 404(Not found): If the prefix and filepath combination results in a non-existent file.
// 500(Internal Server Error): There are a few edge cases that would likely indicate some configuration error outside of revel.
// Note that when defining routes in routes/conf the parameters must not have
// spaces around the comma.
// Bad: Static.Serve("public/img", "favicon.png")
// Good: Static.Serve("public/img","favicon.png")
// Examples:
// Serving a directory
// Route (conf/routes):
// GET /public/{<.*>filepath} Static.Serve("public")
// Request:
// public/js/sessvars.js
// Calls
// Static.Serve("public","js/sessvars.js")
// Serving a file
// Route (conf/routes):
// GET /favicon.ico Static.Serve("public/img","favicon.png")
// Request:
// favicon.ico
// Calls:
// Static.Serve("public/img", "favicon.png")
func (c Static) Serve(prefix, filepath string) revel.Result {
var basePath string
if !fpath.IsAbs(prefix) {
basePath = revel.BasePath
basePathPrefix := fpath.Join(basePath, fpath.FromSlash(prefix))
fname := fpath.Join(basePathPrefix, fpath.FromSlash(filepath))
if !strings.HasPrefix(fname, basePathPrefix) {
revel.WARN.Printf("Attempted to read file outside of base path: %s", fname)
return c.NotFound("")
finfo, err := os.Stat(fname)
if err == nil {
if finfo.Mode().IsDir() {
revel.WARN.Printf("Attempted directory listing of %s", fname)
return c.Forbidden("Directory listing not allowed")
file, err := os.Open(fname)
if os.IsNotExist(err) {
revel.WARN.Printf("File not found (%s): %s ", fname, err)
return c.NotFound("File not found")
} else if err != nil {
revel.WARN.Printf("Problem opening file (%s): %s ", fname, err)
return c.RenderError(err)
return c.RenderFile(file, "")
} else {
revel.ERROR.Printf("Error trying to get fileinfo for '%s': %s", fname, err)
return c.RenderError(err)
// This method allows modules to serve binary files. The parameters are the same
// as Static.Serve with the additional module name pre-pended to the list of
// arguments.
func (c Static) ServeModule(moduleName, prefix, filepath string) revel.Result {
var basePath string
for _, module := range revel.Modules {
if module.Name == moduleName {
basePath = module.Path
absPath := fpath.Join(basePath, fpath.FromSlash(prefix))
return c.Serve(absPath, filepath)
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