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1 parent 34d8c95 commit f5f5b26ed03f808520f1f89f451241694ae365d3 @jcvernaleo jcvernaleo committed Aug 1, 2013
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@@ -185,13 +185,14 @@ func (c *Controller) RenderFile(file *os.File, delivery ContentDisposition) Resu
// RenderBinary is like RenderFile() except that it instead of a file on disk,
// it renders data from memory (which could be a file that has not been written,
// the output from some function, or bytes streamed from somewhere else, as long
-// it implements io.Reader).
+// it implements io.Reader). When called directly on something generated or
+// streamed, modtime should mostly likely be time.Now().
func (c *Controller) RenderBinary(memfile io.Reader, filename string, delivery ContentDisposition, modtime time.Time) Result {
return &BinaryResult{
Reader: memfile,
Name: filename,
Delivery: delivery,
- Length: -1, // http.ServeContent gets the length itself
+ Length: -1, // http.ServeContent gets the length itself unless memfile is a stream.
ModTime: modtime,

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