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Command line tool for sharing photo albums
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Picture Show

A command line tool for generating a photo gallery from a folder of images.

Demo Gallery


npm install -g picture-show


Pass Picture Show a folder of images and tell it where to export the gallery to. Picture Show will resize the images to a set width (default is 1400px) and copy them into a new folder, named with a random string, along with the gallery HTML/CSS/JS. The original images will not be modified.

The image resizing library does not support HEIC so if exporting from Apple Photos make sure to export JPGs.

The script checks the Exif data for creation date (using DateTimeOriginal) and sorts by date.

$ picture-show [source images dir] [export dir]

Example: $ picture-show ~/Desktop/photoFolder ~/Desktop


--show-date : add this flag to display the photo creation date in the gallery

-w [width in px] : sets the width of the photos. default is 1400

Example with options: $ picture-show ~/Desktop/photoFolder ~/Desktop -w 2000 --show-date


blueimp Gallery for the front end. Sharp for image resizing. jpeg-exif for reading exif data. minimist for parsing command line arguments. fs-extra for file manipulation.

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