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package co.freeside.betamax.handler
import java.util.logging.Logger
import co.freeside.betamax.Recorder
import co.freeside.betamax.message.*
import static co.freeside.betamax.proxy.jetty.BetamaxProxy.X_BETAMAX
import static java.util.logging.Level.INFO
class TapeWriter extends ChainedHttpHandler {
private final Recorder recorder
private static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(
TapeWriter(Recorder recorder) {
this.recorder = recorder
Response handle(Request request) {
def tape = recorder.tape
if (!tape) {
throw new NoTapeException()
} else if (!tape.writable) {
throw new NonWritableTapeException()
def response = chain(request)
log.log INFO, "Recording to '$'"
tape.record(request, response)
response.addHeader(X_BETAMAX, 'REC')
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