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Replaying tapes against the server #119

lbovet opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Congrats for this nice project.
This is more a question than an issue:
Is it possible/planned to replay the tapes also against the server? It would be nice to benefit from the recording to also perform server tests.
Maybe it could use/integrate a HttpUnit or a similar library.

@vorburger vorburger referenced this issue from a commit in vorburger/betamax
@vorburger vorburger Added link to (correct) smoke_spec.yaml
Hi, the link to smoke_spec.yaml you have on in "An example tape file can be found here." is wrong.  I don't know where the src for is, so instead of just added it to the readme - maybe you want to change too.

PS: I blogged yesterday, and (via a friend) found your Betamax today.. ;-) 

PPS: Any thoughts re. the idea to replay a tape against a server? If yes, let's discuss in robfletcher#119 - @lbovet who just opened it is sitting right opposite me... ;-)

Can you give me an example of the kind of setup you're thinking of? I have used Betamax successfully with end-to-end tests when the server is running in the same JVM as the test itself. Part of the work I'm doing now is to decouple the essential parts of the API from JUnit so it can be used standalone. That's useful for guys testing in other languages such as Scala where they can't use JUnit rules. It would probably also help in allowing Betamax to run as a general proxy. I'd need to do some testing around concurrency but in theory it could work.


As I understood Betamax, it's purpose is to test the client by replaying the server responses. So tapes record client requests and server responses. My point was about replaying the tapes against the server only, without client. The goal is to test the server. There already exists several tools to do that (HttpUnit, SoapUI, ...) but they don't use the Betamax tape format. What about an adapter to such an existing tool?

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