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Option to always store body as binary #15

robfletcher opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Is it possible also to store always not as binary?
When building the tests, and using the real endpoints, there are situations that are not easy to make it happen, or perhaps you just want to simulate a situation, and then it would be nice to manipulate the body response as you wish.


The problem with that is that the response body may contain data that will break YAML encoding and render the tape file unreadable.


Mmm got your point. I finally did it by hand, but i think that we should have some kind of workaround to manipulate the response. Any thoughts about this?


I've tried to ensure text is used as much as possible but ultimately SnakeYAML makes the decision and it has some heuristics about what it thinks will work as text. I'm not sure what more it's possible to do. It would be nice.

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