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Body stored as binary for text/html content #64

cressie176 opened this Issue · 8 comments

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The following code will create a binary tape rather than one you can edit...

def "Tape body"() {

        HTTPBuilder http = new HTTPBuilder()

        http.get(uri: '')


This is because MemoryTape.isPrintable(...) is returning false, causing Betamax to use binary format. This behaviour might be correct but it seems a little odd since the page content type is "text/html"

Any idea if there is something genuinely unprintable in the response or is this a bug?


The BBC are being a bit rubbish and not declaring a charset on their Content-Type header. Without that it's easy to misinterpret the data. The servlet spec says that the default should be ISO-8859-1 but some sites will encode as UTF-8 and include multi-byte characters which will crash parsing as ISO-8859-1.

I can't see anything obvious on that page but I'll do some digging & see if I can figure out what's doing it.


Ok. Looking at the data it appears that it's really UTF-8. It occurs to me that it might make sense if instead of assuming ISO-8859-1 when there's no declared charset I assume UTF-8 because whilst you can get errors trying to interpret data that really is UTF-8 as ISO-8859-1 the reverse is not true as it's (AFAIK) a pure subset.

If I change AbstractMessage.DEFAULT_CHARSET to UTF-8 the page is recorded as text and doesn't cause any problems when played back.


What about having the ability to override the default charset in the tape options?


@cressie176 The problem with that is that you may have multiple things going on in that one tape


In principal is this not just a limitation of the current tape format? Do you not currently support a mixture of binary and text in the same tape?


Yes, you can have a mixture in the same tape. The issue is that the same tape can be used for multiple requests which might each have a different character encoding. If the @Betamax annotation specified the default encoding that would be across all requests in the tape & may be appropriate for some and not for others. See #52 for more on the fun & games that can ensure.

I think for anything that isn't standard ASCII or UTF-8 it would be madness not to declare a charset so falling back to UTF-8 as a default is probably the best option.


This should be fixed by 34cb4aa

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