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Test with grails 2.1.X. Perhaps this problem doesn't appears with olders versions.
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## Customizing
+### Enable optimistic locking check
+By default, the JSON converter does not send the object's "version" field generated by Hibernate. Because of that, the controller does not check when concurrent modifications occur.
+To enable optimistic locking check, simply add the following in your Config.groovy:
+grails.converters.json.domain.include.version = true
### Using Grails RESTful URL mappings
By default Grails uses a non-RESTful URL scheme where the controller action representing the verb is part of the URL. In the Grails documentation there is a section on [configuring RESTful URL mappings]( If you want to use such a URL scheme with this plugin you will need to override the `web-app/js/grails-default.js` file that configures an Angular _$resource_ service that maps to your Grails controllers.

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