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* **grails.converters.gson.dateStyle** and **grails.converters.gson.timeStyle** specify the style used to format `java.util.Date` objects in serialized output. See [`GsonBuilder.setDateFormat(int, int)`][24]. The values should be one of the `int` constants - `SHORT`, `MEDIUM`, `LONG` or `FULL` - from [`java.text.DateFormat`][25]. Note that Gson does not have a way to specify a _locale_ for the format so [`Locale.US`][26] is always used. For more control over the format use _grails.converters.gson.datePattern_ or register a custom `TypeAdapterFactory`.
+## RESTful controllers with GSON
+The GSON plugin includes a scaffolding template for RESTful controllers designed to work with Grails' [resource style URL mappings][27]. To install the template run:
+ grails install-gson-templates
+This will overwrite any existing file in `src/templates/scaffoldng/Controller.groovy`. You can then generate RESTful controllers that use GSON using the normal dynamic or static scaffolding capabilities.
## Version history
### [1.0.1](
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[24]:, int)

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