Sample project for working on changes to Grails scaffolding
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This is a sample project for prototyping changes to Grails scaffolding.

To build this project, you must have the grails-enhanced-scaffolding plugin in the same parent folder (it's used as an inline plugin).


Core scaffolding

  • rel="next|prev|first|last" on pagination links


  • Autocompleted results need to re-position horizontally if window resized
  • Text in elements added by JS needs to be i18nized


  • Move mandatory indicator to right of form field (when not stacked)
  • Use :after to add mandatory indicator?

Browser issues

  • Appears to be a double margin on left of button bar inputs in IE6 & 7
  • Fonts look terrible in IE8 (oddly they look OK in IE6 & IE7)
  • Left padding on buttons is wrong on iPhone (might just be xcode emulator)
  • Use @media screen and (monochrome) to optimise rendering on Kindle
  • Numeric inputs don't work for decimal values in webkit browsers

Data format

  • date / time format for show & list pages


  • use size attribute where appropriate
  • Radio groups for enums (use select when more than x values?)
  • Dates using type="date" with 3-field JS enhanced version? Datepicker?

Enhanced experience

  • History manipulation breaks if you go back to the list page after paginating/sorting GitHub
  • Modal create/edit for related domain classes
  • Light-box show, edit, create direct from list page
  • Functional tests to ensure non-JS and JS versions work consistently
  • Autocomplete:
    • indicate that it's an autocompleter
    • open autocomplete with focus? Mouse double-click?
    • suppress remove button on autocomplete for mandatory many-to-one
    • autocomplete for enums & inList constraint?
  • FOUC prevention by fade-in with CSS transition
  • Slicker version of confirmation on delete
  • Use jQuery-UI slider if !Modernizr.inputs.range


  • Include nav using SiteMesh
  • All controllers in nav?
  • Primary & secondary nav for controllers / actions?
  • Highlight active state

Mobile considerations

  • Test on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Kindle
  • Optimise inputs (e.g. not sure the autocomplete really works in iOS)



  • Use modernizr plugin
  • Declare separate resources for each jQuery plugin


  • Get rid of inline script for delete buttons
  • Test the use of many-to-many on create as it might not work
  • Generate "edit this" links next to links to 1:m domains
  • Check that links to related objects are correct if the controller is named something other than the domain class name + 'Controller'