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Tellurium functional testing plugin for Grails

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Grails Tellurium Plugin

Tellurium is a browser-based testing framework based on Selenium. The Tellurium plugin for Grails integrates the Tellurium framework with Grails' functional testing phase.

Writing Tellurium tests

Tellurium tests should be placed in test/tellurium and extend the grails.plugin.tellurium.TelluriumGrailsTestCase base class. UI modules can go anywhere in the classpath but would typically also be placed in test/tellurium. For the time being TelluriumConfig.groovy needs to go in the root of the project. This will be remedied in future so that it can go under grails-app/conf with other configuration files.

Running Tellurium tests

Tellurium tests run in the functional:tellurium phase so they will run with:

  • grails test-app
  • grails test-app functional:
  • grails test-app :tellurium
  • grails test-app functional:tellurium

Individual test names can be used just as with regular Grails tests.

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