An assertion library for Kotlin


Strikt is an assertion library for Kotlin intended for use with a test runner such as JUnit or Spek.

Strikt is under development, but 100% usable. The API may change until a version 1.0 is released. Any suggestions, issue reports, contributions, or feedback are very welcome.


Strikt is available from JCenter.

repositories { 

dependencies {

See the button below for the current version number.

Additional Libraries

Strikt has the following additional libraries:

  • strikt-java-time -- supports the JSR-310 java.time package.
  • strikt-protobuf -- supports Protobuf / gRPC.

Versions are synchronized with the core Strikt library.

To install additional libraries include dependencies in your Gradle build. For example:

dependencies {

Using Strikt

Please see the project documentation and API docs.


Join the #strikt channel on the Kotlin Slack.

Follow @stri_kt on Twitter for updates and release notifications.

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