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A site committed to worshipping best girl Megumin!

Self-hosting Usage

Important: It is highly recommended to use releases instead of the latest commit, as the master branch will sometimes require frequent DB adjustments or even wipes. No instructions for it will be provided either, so use it at your own risk of heavy breakage.

  1. Navigate into the folder you downloaded the latest release / commit to
  2. Rename src/config.sample.json to src/config.json
  3. Recommended, but not needed: Rename src/db/default.db to a name of your choosing (take care to change the config appropriately)
    • Your database may be overwritten by the default one if you keep the original filename and try updating the website in the future.
  4. Open the config.json file and configure the website's settings (Make sure to change the admin token and session secret)
  5. Run npm run setup once to install dependencies and minify resources (needs to be re-run on site updates)
  6. Navigate into the src folder if you aren't already in it to set the working directory properly
  7. Boot up the website's server at server.js with the process manager of your choice
  8. Click!

More information

For information on updating the version of the website, adding/modifying/deleting any sounds on the website, serving it via nginx or other questions, please either visit the GitHub Wiki for this repo or read the individual files here.


Licensed under the MIT License.

The "Courgette" font was created by Karolina Lach and is licensed under the OFL-1.1 License. The "Lato" font was created by Łukasz Dziedzic and is licensed under the OFL-1.1 License.

"howler.js" was created by James "goldfire" Simpson and is licensed under the MIT License.