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A Discord selfbot written using discord.js.

Motiful also uses the axios, chalk and moment packages, plus some standard node modules.

Important Disclaimer: Use at your own risk

Selfbots along with some features provided by these bot are not allowed by the Discord Terms of Service. Usage of this selfbot is completely on your own liability. I am not responsible for anything you do on your own using it.

Self-hosting usage

(It is assumed you have node.js on at least version 7.6 as well as git installed)

  • Navigate into the src/ folder of your motiful folder for all of the following steps
  • Rename the config.example.json file to config.json
  • Get your token from within Discord Dev Tools (see below for instructions on how to do this)
  • Open config.json in a text editor of your choice and fill out the token you got using the instructions below
  • Adjust other config settings to your liking
  • Move into the data/ directory (full path is /src/data)
  • Remove the .default from these three filenames: disabledCommands.default.json, favoriteEmotes.default.json, savedQuotes.default.json
  • run npm install in a command window located in the directory you downloaded motiful in to install necessary packages
  • (Feel free to ignore any unmet peer dependency or ... requires a peer of... warnings)
  • Start the bot using node motiful.js in a command window located in the src/ directory of your motiful folder

Adding commands

Adding commands to Motiful is very easy. The command handler will automatically register any .js file within the commands folder so the only thing you have to do is make your command file, write the code for it(*), and restart the selfbot.

That's all, now your command is available under the name you gave the js file. Use it with <prefix> <command>. It will also be listed in the help command.

(*) Commands extend the Command class located in structures/ and must at least provide the name property in the constructor aswell as a run() function outside the constructor or errors will happen. See existing commands for usage examples.


  • The default command prefix is --.
  • Commands are case insensitive, emotes are case sensitive.
  • User config files (favorites, quotes, toggled commands list, custom emote files) are saved in the data/ file.
  • Follow the image instructions to get your token: Token instructions (All credits for the image to TheRacingLion)


Licensed under the MIT License.

Out-of-the-box Commands

Refer to the Wiki Usage page for more in-depth explanations.

In addition: Motiful also includes a tag system not listed here. Refer to above Usage page.

Command Effect
addEmote Add a custom emote
addFav Add an emote to the favorites list
addQuote Save a quote of a message (Out of the last 100 overall messages)
addQuote-id Save a quote of a message using a messageID
aesthetics Make your input a e s t h e t i c
ascii Turn your input into ascii text
delEmote Delete a custom emote
delFav Delete an emote from the favorites list
delQuote Delete a saved quote
emote Post a twitch (global or subscriber [sub disabled]), FrankerFaceZ, BetterTwitchTV or custom emote into chat
eval Evaluate javascript code
help Get usage help
indicators Turn input text into indicator-emoji text
listEmotes List all custom emotes
listFavs List all saved favorite emotes
listQuotes List all saved quotes
nitro Send a fake embed about Discord Nitro
ping Measure the delay between command call and execution
purge Purge your messages (In the last 100 overall Messages)
quote-id Quote a message using a message ID
quote-react Quote a message by using a 💬 message reaction
quote Quote a message (Out of the last 100 overall messages)
reload Reload a command
sendQuote Send a saved quote
setGame Set the game you'll be shown to be playing
power Restart or shutdown motiful
sub Replace a part of one of your messages (Only from last 100 overall Messages)
toggle Toggle a command on or off